100% Complete
Felt like saying it.
Just knocked over the final challenge with all 3 stars. Praise me.  Angel

But seriously... Take this as a warning to anyone who wants to try and complete this game:

You are in for HELL!!  Angry

Almost all of the bosses in the Kaos Realm are absurdly hard to beat on thier own, and I challenged myself to defeat them without losing a single Skylander. Good luck repeating my accomplishment - it will mostly come down to luck!

Words of warning about the Kaos Realm:
  • When facing Wolfgang, he carries a LOT of Lights Out, Forgotten Tombstones and Anvilites, which early on will prove annoying. He also has FAR too much power! Try and keep it down, or constantly subdue him instead. Stormblade works well, I find.
  • When taking on Broccoli Guy, Grave Clobber and Buzzer Beak, get rid of Grave Clobber ASAP! Give him the chance, he will knock out Broccoli Guy and gain a massive power boost. Snap Shot is probably your best option.
  • When facing Dreamcatcher and Pain-Yatta, BEWARE! They carry 2 Nether Warps with them, which can wreck you completely if they are used. Try and keep your deck free of expensive cards, and get rid of everything else! Use Smash Hit and Rip Tide, if you can.
  • When challenging Chill Bill and Golden Queen, make sure you are capable of continually muting them. If you cannot, they will make the fight an unfair and aggravating misery! Rip Tide, again, is your best bet.
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Signing out!

Congrats, Roo!

I kinda got bored of Battlecast lately.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."

I presume no-one has been challenging you as of late? I'm usually playing the game and building my collection of cards, and coming up with clever strategies. Once I get the issue of my Friend's List sorted out, I'll issue you another challenge if you like.
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
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