Chompy Mage Bug (Needs Addressing)
I need to put this out there in a hope that it gets fixed.

When facing the Chompy Mage in Skylanders: Battlecast, he has the ability to change his form into a Jumbo Chompy of either Life, Fire or Water element. However, the fight is designed so that he can only have one form up at a time... Chompy Mage ISN'T!
He can stack multiple forms on top of one another and gain even more power - even attack multiple times per form. In other words, if he has both Frigid and Enfuego Jumbo Chompy forms active, he will attack the active ally TWICE instead of once!
His ability also doesn't change; the so called "new ability" is just an Ultimate character card for Chompy Mage, meaning that he can still replace cards in his hand for 0 Crystas with one of his character cards!

Also, in Taste the Painbow, when you defeat a Chompy, it doesn't classify it as a KO and can still receive health and power boosts that it shouldn't, and also be eligible for use with all other Chompy character cards.

This needs fixing... NOW!
Help me get this message to the developers so that they can patch the game and fix the problem.

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