Skylanders Academy premieres on October 28th
More details on Skylanders Academy have been revealed as the game of Skylanders: Imaginators draws near. Netflix users worldwide will be able to join in the adventure and humour of learning the “Skylander way” starting this autumn. Season 1 launches exclusively on Netflix on the 28th October, with Season 2 landing in late 2017.

Quote:As darkness begins to threaten the balance of peace in the Skylands, Master Eon is forced to assemble a ragtag group of heroes to protect the universe from evil-doers Kaos and the Doom Raiders. Using their unique blend of personalities and elemental-based super powers, Spyro and his fellow Skylanders are called upon to set aside egos as they come together to maintain harmony and balance in the land. Jam-packed with humour, heart and memorable moments, Skylanders Academy promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with epic action for kids of all ages.

Led by showrunner Eric Rogers ( Futurama), the series features the voices of Justin Long ( DodgeBall) as Spyro; Ashley Tisdale ( High School Musical) as Stealth Elf; Jonathan Banks ( Breaking Bad) as Eruptor; and Norm MacDonald ( Saturday Night Live) as Glumshanks. Additional voice talent includes Susan Sarandon, Daniel Wu, Bobcat Goldthwait, The Diamond Minecart, Parker Posey, James Hetfield, Catherine O’Hara, Chris Diamantopoulos and Harland Williams, among others.

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Noooooooo! I wanted it to be before the game! Well, unless the show had some spoilers I guess.
I just wonder what Dan TDM´s Character he is playing. We know the Additional Voices but what character plays who. But Finally we got a release date.
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Dan TDM is getting a role? Why didn't I hear about this?
EDIT: (nevermind Tongue)
The Diamond Minecart is also known as Dan TDM which he has played Skylanders before on his channel, I think it was Trap Team, however i don´t really watch a lot of his videos excluding for his Tomodachi Life Videos.
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Well, at least we have a release date.
Fortunately for me, I might be getting an Internet upgrade in November, so I may be able to get Netflix so that I can watch the show.
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Wow, it'll be 8 days off of my birthday. That's awful nice of them to give me such a present, even if it's late. Tongue
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I love Wolfgang he looks so cool and I can't wait to see him in the cartoon. it looks to be good quality and I'm glad they're giving more of a focus on Spyro in this series, thats kinda what i wanted them to do since the start. I can't wait to see it.

Though I'm not big on Kaos for some reason. It's like they tried to kinda give him more realistic proportions but still keep his exaggerated body part sizes. IDK thats what I see (Call me crazy)
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