Skylanders: Imaginators Character Poster Leaked
Due to a retailer's mistake, a fan got their hold on Skylanders: Imaginators early and posted the character poster. The remaining regular and Villain Senseis are revealed in full form.

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So many awesome things have finally been revealed here beause of this. Blaster-Tron is indeed a Knight class. Boom Bloom isn't just a pale cabbage that resembles a soccer ball, she looks more like an exotic tropical plant. And finally Buckshots name actually manages to make sense here. I am really happy the poster got leaked. And as some one who really likes the Tech element, it is nice to see the figures of somthing other than the Tech villains.

Also, Wild Storm looks beautiful!
Wild Storm is awesome and also Chain Reaction.
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(09-28-2016, 01:19 PM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: Wild Storm is awesome and also Chain Reaction.

Chain Reaction does look amazing.
I wanna ask them HOW do they keep coming up with gimmicks and ideas for skylanders and how do they keep coming up with skylander characters? Honestly games like this, or pokemon, or Yokai Watch where you have hundreds of individual characters must be a real night mare to work on when you have to keep throwing out original stuff each new game.
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Well, we can see it all now!

I've been wondering what Blaster-Tron's sword would look like as Knight Sensei, and now I see that it is the same one being held by the Imaginator on the poster. And this time, they atcually included the guest characters on the poster as opposed to leaving them out like last time.

All that's left to ask now is:
If they're still happening, who will be the next lot of Eon's Elite?
My guess: only 2 this time - Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz.
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chain reaction looks pretty neat and his name fits well with his overall not that he reminds me of a movie with the same name. 

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