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Some of you may already notice our new forum logo. Yes, it was made by the lovely shaloneSK to help differentiate it from the standard format of the official Skylanders logos and avoid confusion. Later on, I'll be working to move the logo around a bit to see where it can fit on the forum banner for users to still see the optional forum layout headers they have set up on their end.

[Image: Sky%20Academy%20Logo%20v2.png]
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I'm seeing it just a minute after posting it. Looks good!
Although I'm not sure about the second 'S' being out of proportion to the rest of the word... That's just me, though.

What does everyone else think?
It looks good. I don't mind the second S being capitalized, I did something similar with the logo in my signature and I think it makes it more interesting.

I personally prefer text to be more compacted in logos, like this (quick edit in Photoshop):

[Image: logo.png]
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Yeah, I shifted the logo now so the banners will be more seeable. But the horizontal version is also up on the forum's social media sites and on the new Abous Us page.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
Either way is fine to me.

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