Tony Hawk Pro Skater series Thread
I couldn't hold it in any longer. At some point, I was going to have to bring this up SOMEWHERE!

Recently, I've been rediscovering my love for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series of games. They went off my radar a few years back, but now that I have revisited them I am finding so much more enjoyment than I remember from when I was young!

So now I pass the question to anyone else who remembers this series:
Which game in the franchise is your personal favourite?

And for those who are avid fans or really REALLY like a certain game in the series:
What skate style do you prefer in-game?

Personally, I have a tough time picking a favourite from the games I have - Pro Skater 1, 2 and 4 all for the original PlayStation. Years ago I would have said 4, but after replaying them I cannot pick an absolute favourite.
Regardless, I do have a preferred skate style:

Style: Vert (Rodney Mullen street influenced)
Skill: Comboing vert tricks together.
Favourite Tricks: 540 Flip, Casper, Kickflip to Indy, 360 Flip, Airwalk

P.S. If you have played Pro Skater 5... words cannot express how sorry I feel for you.
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I remember Tony Hawk Skater Pro. We used to own i think Pro Skater 2. I barely remember the game.
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loved THPS back in the day...still remember the thrill of skating as Spider-Man in THPS2, as Darth Maul & Wolverine in THPS3, as Jango Fett in THPS 4 and while I started enjoying the series less after 4 I still had fun skating as Gene Simmons & Iron Man in THUG. And to this day one of my best gaming memories remains nailing sick scores in the Warehouse to Goldfinger's "Superman" Smile

Favorite Tony Hawk Game: THPS3 ( though the original & 2 had the best levels )
Favorite style: street ( gotta love those grinds, man...and the manuals! )
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Well... didn't see THIS coming!
I mean, we knew a new Pro Skater was coming for a while through leaks that had happened... but I did NOT expect it to bear the name of Tony Hawk!
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Signing out!

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And Vicarious Visions is developing the remasters.
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