Barrysun's creations
my Imaginators.
1. Barrysun the fire knight: 
bio, This imaginator is mainly my avatar type character. ( plus I like using knight related weaponry since they are the most balanced of most classes.

2.Saria the magic sorceress
bio:  Saria used to be an apprentice witch to Sabrina. 
for mouths she studied magic under her tutor training.
But unknowingly to her, her teacher was actually an evil sorceress who plans to collect as much imaginite to create her own group of monsters! and their first target was non other then the Skylanders academy. when Saria eventually founded out the truth about her teacher, she rebeled against Sabrina and challenges her to a magical duel. eventually, the young witch managed to defeat her teacher with all her might and managed to incased her in a magical bubble.
when Eon learn about this, he not only invited Saria to join the Skylanders academy but also has the trap masters take Sabrina to Cloudcracker prison for her crimes.

3. Shade fairy
Bio: Shade fairy comes from a race of warrior fairies that were little known for their love for battles. such as giant monsters, trolls, evil wizards, pirates, and anything that threatens Skylands. after the battles, the fairies will take a part of their enemies armor as their victory trophy
when Kaos begins creating Doomlanders, he sent one of his prototypes to Shade fairy's village to inorder to test it out his latest creation.
but the doomlander didn't last very long as she quickly used her twin blades to subdued the evil creature with ease, forcing Kaos to retreat back to his lair to improve his doomlanders creations. and on the plus side, Portal master, Barrysun has heard of the battle and has invited her to join up with his team of doomlander-busting Skylanders, which she has quickly accepted so she can hunt for more doomlanders.

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Nice! They all seem great. Smile
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge BUT Imagination." -Albert Einstein
thanks. plus I've updated their bios. let's see... three crystals down, got 4 empty ones to go.

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