The Academy is Now Open!
Skylanders Academy has just been released on Netflix! All episodes of Season 1 are available for viewing!

Livestream was a success, hope you guys enjoyed it!

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That song is so catchy. I want a full version.
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I'm getting an early night so that I can see this!
Please Australian Internet... please let me be able to watch it...
You know it's a really random as hell song to put in line with the sky landers but heck. it's catchy, I like it. Never thought I'd here a Pop song associated with the skylanders
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Hey. It's Travis. You might remember me from YouTube and DA. And maybe even here. I had to leave here because I felt like I wouldn't make new friends here. But now I decided to stay and better myself. And maybe even become a better student.
BTW this song is really catchy! I can listen to this for hours!  Heart Heart Heart

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