It was decided (Presidential Election Aftermath)
In my response to Trump becoming President...

I mean, congrats to those who wanted Trump to win, but to me....

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You really want to talk about this here?
Alright, but I'm telling you... this is gonna get ugly.

I seriously cannot believe that you're country made this decision! And judging by your response, you either didn't vote or voted Hilary.
This outcome is going to hurt both our countries badly - and I say "our" countries because it appears that Trump-!$$@% doesn't want to continue free trade with Australia.
Oh, and in case you forgot Crystal.. we have a Mexican in this forum. Yeah, I don't want to go down that conversation path!

My final reaction to this outcome?
Trust me... you don't want to hear it!

P.S. If you're wondering why an Australian cares about the US Presidential Election... oh, we all cared during the campaign Down Under! We're one of America's biggest allies. And something tells me that won't last when January 20th comes around.
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In all seriousness though, we are in the darkest timeline. Someone literally memed their way to the position of most powerful person on Earth. To think we were convinced Brexit, South Korean president being bbfs with a cult leader and the Brazilian Impeachment were the worst going to happen this year.
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And the Australian Prime Minister having a double dissolution election that back-fired and almost cost him his job.

I think it's fair to say that 2016 has been a shocker year for politics.
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I honestly thought that if it were Trump or Clinton, we would basically be screwed either way.
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I'm kinda in disbelief right now. I'm not the hugest fan of Trump, but I'm glad he won over Hillary. I think those who "lost" need to remember that the world isn't over with this presidency and that this is America's choice for better or worse. Those who "won" need to realize that they really have to encourage Trump to be better then he's been in the past.
I'm glad this is over with. It looks like the Prophecy about Trump winning in a landslide came true.
(Plus after watching some videos on Trump, the more I begin to like him, plus it was crazy with how his rivals did everything they could to stop him, and failed badly. only to see their plans backfiring)
heck, I even had fun while visiting one of his rallies here in Ohio!

Time to congratulate Trump for his win against Hillary.
Well, I have been checking out some non presidential Donald trump videos, mostly about what kind of man he is and his businesses...

plus after checking out some videos, I was quite surprised (and at the sametime, impressed) with some of the things he does.
here's a couple of videos...

check this out, every Donald Trump cameo in movies and shows. 

I wonder how many of you are shocked to see him but didn't know who he is until he ran for president in Home alone 2...
plus he also appeared in WWE and checked out some video on what he did there, it was crazy with the events that took place there.

and to show he's actually a good guy by showing his acts of kindness to those in need

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