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Hello cadets!

I am here to let you all that there is a Question and Answer session here on the Skylanders Academy TV series. You now have the oppurtunity to ask any question regarding the TV series. Leave any and all questions you have for the Skylanders Academy Team and post them here below no later than Novemebr 28th.

Only a total of 10-15 questions are allowed for the Q&A, so make your questions good! After the deadline, I will then give the questions over to the Academy development team and they will answer them.

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I've got a few, so I suggest picking out the ones you like the best (or just one full stop):

  • Do you intend on using Roller Brawl as a proper character at a later date? She seems like she would make for a great character in the show.
  • Any plans to incorporate the ACTUAL SuperChargers? As in Spitfire, Stormblade, Splat, etcetera.
  • I assume you don't accept fan requests and suggestions (answer that if you so wish), but where do you stand on fan ideas for episodes, series and ideas? (I have an idea for a potential Series 3 and penned some scripts up, that's all.)
  • Ever thought about giving 2 Skylanders a love interest storyline?
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Eh pick one of these. I´m tempted for bigger Season 2 asks, but I better not.

-Will season 2 will have more action? (Of course No Spoiler)
-How long an episode takes to be made?
-Why the show was chosen to be on Netfilx and not in a TV channel? (I´m more curious with this one)
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Hello there Academy staff, I loved Academy and putting it on Netflix was an awesome idea. Wished the first season was a bit longer but I loved what I saw and its a shame I have to wait a year to see it continue. Keep up the good work..

I have a couple of questions:
I Love Crash Bandicoot and seeing him play a part in the last few episodes was really awesome. It was a total surprise and I was not expecting it. A question I have is:
How did you manage to get Crash into the show, why did you put him in the show and could he come back in the next season? and could we possibly see other characters come in that didn't originate in Skylanders? (Doubt it to be possible but if you got DK and Bowser in the show I would be so happy)

Another question is: What is the process of adapting a video game to a TV show? We've the the genre of game to movie/tv show adaptations make a real come back as of recently. So what's your process for bringing characters of one form of media to a completely different one?
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This.... is a dream come true! Here i go!
1.will Malefor make a appearance or at least be mentioned?
2.How many new non-skylander characters (ex.Mags,Cali,Buzz,etc) will appear in season 2?
3.Will Dark Spyro make a debut as well as alternate outfits of skylanders like Stealth Elf's ninja outfit?
4.Will new villians appear next season as well as more Doom Raiders?(i would love to see Dr.Krankcase) Big Grin
5.Are the cadets(Hex,Roller Brawl, Wind up,etc) going to graduate and become Skylanders?
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Here's my question:

How did you come to your decisions regarding voice casting, including the recasting of existing characters?
Oh boy, love me some Q&As.

1- Was Kaossandra's name created for the show or did her name just go unrevealed until now?
2-Any chance of seeing characters introduced in Imaginators, aside from King Pen, including NPCs?
3- What was the reasoning for the change in Spyro's backstory, as before he was not from Skylands? Not exactly any problems with it, just curious to see why.
4 - Will we see any episodes exploring more of Stealth Elf's flaws? She was the only one not given a situation that brought out something bad on her on Season 1, and it's always something interesting to see.
5 - Any chance of more Hex and Skull, maybe even graduated and/or discovering the crazy powers she has in the games?
6 - Why was Portal Master lore removed entirely? Kinda hard to have portal magic when everyone travels on foot.

Edit: changed last question since everyone beat me to it.
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any chance we'll eventually get episodes devoted to Skylanders outside the core team? Personally aside from main character Stealth Elf ( my personal favorite in the franchise ), I'd like to see some good stuff for Chill, Ninjini, Stormblade, Splat, Boom Bloom, Cynder, Spotlight & Blackout, Gearshift, Roller Brawl and Punk well as mainstays Gill Grunt & Trigger Happy

sort of tied to a question I saw above...will we see alt forms like Dark, Nitro, Mystical, Legendary etc? What about Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Pop Fizz & Jet-Vac going Supercharged?

will NPCs like Cali & Tessa ( my favorite NPCs ) ever make appearances? We have Eon & Hugo but what about the others? ( side note: I can live without ever seeing Mags in the show...she's super annoying )

will we see more locations in future episodes?

bonus questions I don't expect anyone to bother with:

any remote chance of DK & Bowser? ( guarantee that's a no... )
why the heck is Eruptor even popular?
is Pop Fizz ever going to transform in the show?
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1. Is Roller Brawl's backstory the same or has it changed?
2. If it hasn't, would you consider using it in an episode or at least referencing it?
3. Why exactly did you choose to make Kaos have a crush on the Golden Queen?
4. Are the sheep actually evil or do they just not like certain people?
5. What made you guys choose some specific Skylanders to become cadets? (Such as Flashwing or Wind up)
6. What was the creation of Bad Breath like?
7. Will we ever see a toy of Bad Breath? (Playable or plush)
8. Why did you guys decide to not use Portal Masters in the show? Now they are just sorcerers, sounds kinda basic.
9. Do portals still exist aside from the teleporters seen in the show?
10. So I know the development answer for this but I want a lore one. Why are there only about 10 background Skylanders seen in the show? Where have the others gone to?
11. Why is the lip syncing off in a few scenes of the show? (Ex: Episode one in that first scene where Spyro is talking to Eon about his fanclub)
(Will edit with more questions when I think of them)
Guys, keep in mind that asking for specific Skylanders is probably going to get a vague answer or ignored. Leave that to Eric's twitter since he's the one choosing for later seasons; unless they're fine with it here, dunno.
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1) What was the reason for adding Broccoli Guy to the Doom Raiders? Will we get last two members Krankcase and Gulper in season two or later? (Or even the two main villains of light and dark Nightshade and Luminous)

2) What was the idea behind one of Hex Skull became sentient and a partner to her.

3) Do you have any plans to bring in more backstory of skylanders or more lore of skylands)

4) Will we be getting more return villains from the main series? (Lord and Saviour Hood Sickle Must Prevail!)

5) I saw a few memorable skylanders in the intro will they be new edition? Please ok.

6) What was the reason for the certain edition alongside spyro in his team (Why Stealth Elf, Eruptor, Jet Vac, Pop Fizz?)

7) Who was the best character to bring over to the show or most enjoyable one

8) Is Glumshaks finally free from Kaos torture? Can he finally go back to pursing his skills in the grand acting theatre? I just wanna catch one of his play.

9) Will main and side characters get more episodes centred on them in the next season?

10) Can you give us any idea or backstory to Bad Breath since he's brand new.

11) And last question is How is season 2 coming along hopefully it's going smoothly for you all.
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I got one question. Will the minis ever show up in Season 2 or later? If so, how to you plan to introduce them?
One more day to ask a question or two on Skylanders Academy. Please note that your questions may or may not be answered, since the Academy team may not be allowed to reveal too much info on the incoming second season.
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I'll ask a couple questions:
1. Will the season 2 opener and/or finale be double-length like the pilot episode?
2. Do you have the story already thought out if a third season gets greenlit? Or did you always plan on wrapping it up with season 2?
will we see new skylanders in season 2?
And this ends the Q&A period! The questions have been sent!
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Just got note that the Q&A will come back to me around February 24th next Friday! My PR lead has been trying to get the right people in place to answer them, and now that is settled.

I've been thinking about doing a video on the Q&A with clips from the show that can help bring professionalism. Smile
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Wouldn't show clips just get flagged, though? Unless you just use the ones avaliable in the official channel.

But nice! I was starting to wonder if they weren't allowed to answer at all with the renewal.
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Not 2-minutes short clips from the show, I mean half-second out of context clips that can go along with the questions and answers.

In a way, like this:


Fan questions answered! Click the link below to see them answers!
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