Dustail's Doodles and Repaints and other creations.
G-Day everyone I have decided to make a art thread here to show of some repaints doodles and Mayberry even take some request but for now enjoy.

I never did like the bland look on Prism Break Crystals so I tweaked it here's Garnet Prism Break (With a tint of Ruby and Sapphire) obvious got the inspiration from Steven Universe.
[Image: VNcmJgR.jpg]

Here's a W.I.P. not sure what colour I'll use for the amour or what to call it but maybe someone's can give me a suggestion for this repaint. 

[Image: d5EJ8kz.jpg]

Next up will be some doodles let me know what you think of these I've never really been good with art of any kind so I know it ain't anything great.
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Very Cool! Better than me I can definitely say that LOL
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New image dump incoming


I love my doodles but hate colouring it in for example this Lava Guava (From Plants vs. Zombies) was fine until I tried to add colour.

[Image: 6uF6lk8.jpg]

So I prefer to avoid colouring. Also have a Blover it's good luck

[Image: ukgompi.jpg]


Garnet Prism Break in Game. Crystals came out nice the eyes look ok may have been a bad idea.

[Image: NEdn9eM.jpg]

Also I have to other repaints called Day of the Dead Fiesta and Day of the Dead Painyatta. Obviously these are based of the Mexican Celebration Day of the Dead these characters have a relation to this celebration these two are express in colour I like the strange mix I made for them but they really fit the characters and celebration.

[Image: 6aOajHp.jpg]
[Image: ELBx4G5.jpg] 

Thinking about doing some stuff for the winter season next not sure what though.
Insanity has unleashed!
Chaos controls all WHOOO!

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