Skylanders Academy Gamespot Interview reveals Crash's Voice Actor/ Season 2 hints
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Eric Rogers, the showrunner of Skylanders Academy revealed in a GameSpot interview that he has voiced Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders Academy! We also have a few tips on the upcoming Season 2 in Fall 2017 next year.

Here are a few Q&As from the interview, you can read the rest in the link above:

Quote:One of the biggest reveals so far is that Crash is in the show and he talks. He's historically mute in the games, so how did you go about giving voice to the character?
"It was a pretty simple approach of taking what we knew about Crash--which is mostly action-oriented from his game lore--and trying to apply that to what was best for his particular story and his short stay in the Skylanders universe. We wanted him to be fun and gung-ho and engage viewers in the same way he delighted players of the game. And he has an Australian accent because he is a bandicoot from the Wumpa Islands off of Australia."

Netflix and Activision have said Season 2 is coming next year. What can we expect in terms of story, and will you add more characters?
"We will for sure add a few new characters, particularly a few fan favorites. We are also diving deeper into the mythology of the universe we've created thus far, and we'll start to tie together some characters and their histories in some pretty surprising ways. Season 2 really gets things humming along for every major player in our universe. Like any great serialized show, we've made sure that every episode leads you to wanting to see what happens next. It's been good fun making that all come together."

Generally speaking, how do you walk that line of honoring the game and also doing what you know works in a TV sense? Not everything will translate, I'd imagine.
"Our goal from day one has been to make sure anyone who already knows and loves the game will love what we've done with the characters and universe. But we also wanted to bring enough new material and mythology to this world that it deepens what anyone might already know--or think they know--about the Skylanders world. One of the things that appealed to me so much about Skylanders is that the game--beyond the amazing look of the world and the characters, and their catchphrases--left so much open for us to interpret and to make our own for the series. So it was a lot of fun diving in and creating deep backstories for all the characters, using what we wanted or needed from the game, and then making up the rest from there in a way that was unexpected and funny. A great example of this is the link between Pop Fizz and Wolfgang in the episode "Pop Rocks," where we establish that Pop and Wolfgang were once a successful folk duo called "Pop and the Gang" before they became hero and villain."

How far into the future are you thinking for Academy?
"Oh Lord.... can I just get through Season 2 first?! Seriously, I have some big sweeping ideas for the future of the show, but as far as the details of what will happen in Season 3 and beyond, I'm just going to let my brain rest for a hot minute, and get through the production of Season 2. I’ll let the bigger ideas I have slowly simmer their way down to the fine print of what we can accomplish in the future, and then take it from there... Except for my idea that Crash appears in every episode of Season 3 and an all-musical episode told through a sheep's POV. I'll let you know if anyone goes for it."
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The last thing he said to the last question... HAH! ;P
You can tell he was having a bit of fun when he said that! They probably- no, DEFINATELY will not happen but adding it on as a extra aside just makes it all the more funny.
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Awesome interview!

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