What's your opinion on Swap Force?
Just wondering, do you guys like or hate swap force and why? Because it seems like the mixed bag of the skylanders games, some people like it and some don't.
I kinda liked Swap Force, finally introduced jumping and a jump in HD quality, not to mention the story.
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I liked Swap Force...though I'm not super fond of the Swap Zones and it gets irritating having to run through the game so many times to 100% it.
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SWAP Force was the first Skylander games I owned. And I really liked it!
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I really like the game and the beautiful graphics the game has. If I had to rate it I would rate it 8/10 IMO.
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My Opinions on this is very mixed because I got this game as a Wii Version in a Dark Edition and I have to say this is a very good gimmick. This actually got some new stuff that didn't appear in the previous games. Jumping Mechanics, a better story and More Likable Characters. I actually loved this game still when I got a Wii U version of it for my birthday. However there are many things that's makes it as the mixed opinion. While the graphics on the Wii version is nice, there are many bugs that makes it noticeable. The Wii U is the same as well but with one glitch which is one of the achievements that remain incomplete because it's reset to zero. Overall, I do find this game awesome as it's finest.
I would like to say that SWAP Force and Trap Team will make a Golden Era of the Skylanders Franchise. Two of them have the best gimmick and story combined and it also have many new things that are incredibly memorable.
swap force is amazing and i like the trailer
To me Swap Force is a pretty good Game,The Music was fun to listen to and the Swap Force Skylanders themselves were actually cool
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Loved a great deal of the characters, all the Skylanders had fun designs and powers. We also got a lot of new and interesting characters, which I'm quite sad we never see again in the games.

This game did scale back PVP quite a bit, though, although I supposed I can't be too upset when it at least kept PVP. I also wasn't too fond of SWAP Zones-they were fun at first, but quite repetitive as it went on. The only ones I consistently had fun with were speed challenges.
I had mixed feelings about it. There was somthing good that just sprung out of that game to me ( never knew what it was) but i still think giants is better.
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Don't mean to bump a deceased thread, but...

I've recently been replaying SWAP Force on PS4 and enjoying the heck out of it all over again. I also recently got a few "new" Skylanders and given them a try.
Gillgrunt Anchors Away Gill Grunt is a bit gimmicky for my liking, but I reckon in SuperChargers he'd made an excellent trapper like Snap Shot.
Terrafin Knockout Terrafin is a very effective brawler in one-on-one combat, I find. Not really agile, though. Need more time with him.
Scorp Haven't had a chance to properly experience Scorp yet, though. But at face value, a character that dealsrepeated chip damage over time can be pretty nasty most of the time.
Swarm Not a "new" one per se, but I'm still relatively new to him. I think messed up picking the Wasp Stormer path, because I find myself relying heavily on his Barb Blades and hover.
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I have all four of those aside from Scorp, so really, just three
If you'd like any help I've found that Terrafins top path (The one that upgrades his swimming abilities) is the most effective to get, it works hand in hand with his wow pow, and it allows you to take down an army of chompies just by going under them

I'm more fond of Swarms other path however... idk why, I just like his two forms, flying and swarm to have two attacks each (Equality:100%)

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