Happy 2017 + Active User Appreciation Gift!
A new year is upon us, which also includes an upcoming new default forum banner to get us started!

In celebration of 2017, Netflix has released a short Skylanders Academy video dedicated to New Years. It composed of re-used clips of Season 1 with the characters counting down to New Years.

[Image: 15590932_1689739814384501_69033900478685...e=58F9DCD4]

Special New Years Forum Layout as our Default Forum Theme for this special occasion! Use Ctrl+F5 if you don't see it.

[Image: 9a8b343f98857e473945a7c1efcf7907.jpg]

As we wait for more future news on Skylanders, let us reflect our time on the message boards. We laughed, cried, raged, schemed... members came, stayed, most came but never returned. Our forum layouts has even improved thanks to user suggestions and contributions!

For those who have been active on these message boards, I sincerely thank you for giving this forum a chance. And as thanks, I have granted the active members a new special user group role: the Cadet Veterans group!

Don't worry, you can freely switch back and forth from your group membership to your old one with the Group Memberships tab in your User CP page and set whichever group you like most as your Display Group. Once again, thanks for the wonderful year of 2016, and I truly hope we have more active members in the future that we can become a more thriving community as well. Big Grin
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Happy new year! Though it's not here yet Tongue
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
Happy New Year everybody!
Happy Early New Year! I hope this year that is coming also this Cadet Veterans status either I feel old or I feel that I accomplished something.
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YAY im special! I love this site so much! Happy new year! I can't wait to see season 2 and i hope more cool stuff happens.

Thanks Aura!
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Australia (where I live) celebrated the New Year just over 11 hours ago.
But that doesn't matter...

Happy New Year everyone!! Smile Heart
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Signing out!

Thank CB! I'm so glad I found this forum after migrating from a certain salty one. Thanks a million! Happy 2017!
Happy New years everyone! This has definitely been one of the nicest forum website I've been to. Big Grin
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Well, there's whole lot to look forward to, maybe Nintendo Switch, new Pokemon games, collecting more Skylanders, new games, and... Donald Trump's presidency.
*sees the last thing you listed*

If I may quote Monty Python...
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

Happy new year, thanks for creating this community Smile
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A few of things i look forward in 2017...

Skylanders Academy Season 2 and mostly the "nonstop" news of Kingdom Hearts III.
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I'm sorry that I have been away for a while. Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

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