Academy was the top kids show in Noverber on Netflix
I found this article claiming SA was the top kids show of November. I was glad to hear it!
Seems like the rumor that SA bombed wasn't true, huh. Maybe a bad opening week, but winning against Disney is no small feat.
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That means we're defenitly getting a Season 2! Smile
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Really? That’s amazing. I am about to finish watching shows by Andy Yeatman and therefore, I wanted to add more of good shows to my watch list. My kids learnt a lot from these shows. It is very important in today’s time to actually watch shows that have a lot to offer.
This is from 2017, I don't know today.
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Someone was clearly late to the show...

I wonder if the show was still top rating when Season 3 premiered?
Do we have view figures on that yet?
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