Favourite Drivers/Vehicles
Based entirely off of their statistical proportions, who and what would you say are your favourite drivers and vehicles?

Class Classification:

Advanced: Great Top Speed, OK Acceleration, rubbish Handling
Intermediate: Decent Top Speed, great Acceleration, decent Handling
Beginner: Rubbish Top Speed, OK Acceleration, great Handling
All-Rounder: OK to decent in all stats.
Battle: Great Firepower and/or Armour, all other stats are irrelevant

Personally, I'd say Astroblast is my favourite in the "Advanced" class with Bowser being my favourite for "Battle." I'd also say Elite Stealth Elf is my favourite for "Beginner," just a pity I can't use vehicle mods with her.

As far as vehicles go, I don't have any clear favourites here. I'd say the Barrel Blaster is my favourite Land vehicle, the Sun Runner is my favourite Sky vehicle and the Reef Ripper is my favourite Sea vehicle.

(I hope you comprehended that, and if you didn't I do apologize).
Thats kinda funny, I use the Sun Runner as Battle class Sky, Skark Tank for Land and Reef Ripper for Sea . My Advanced/Intermediate has to be Burn Cycle, Soda Skimmer, and the Skyslicer and Probably also Reef Ripper.

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