Sort Of Dunno Nothin'
Why am I doing this? Dunno.
Does anyone even care? Nah.
Have I gone insane? Yep.
What is WRONG with me?! Nothin'.


Eh, I don't give-a! I freaking love this video!
Even after 8 years since it was first uploaded to YouTube, it is still really damn good... to an Australian at least.
Now, let's see what people from across the globe think of it... because I really couldn't help myself.
(Don't worry; I'm NOT going to make a habit of this.)

Anyone who has had to deal with a teenager recently can relate to this video...
Then again, I think we can all relate to it.

I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

RoH Name: Clok-Roo
*is still exploring random topics for no reason*

I'm pretty sure we can ALL related to it, yes indeed XD especially considering that adults tend to ask such "yes/no" questions to their teenage children without REALLY expecting a full on developped answer. According to my mom, "it's easier", lol
(her and I were bot generalizing of course)

Also... I'm just gonna say that I really enjoyed the beat of the song, actually XD
Hi y'all! Tortwag here, just another new member.
If you're lookin' for me, I'll be working on a lil' fanfiction, fan Skylander-related lore, and eventually an art thread that goes along with it - focused on Arkeyan stuff, mind you. 

Anyway, Nice to meet you, people!

That video was cool! And the accents make it twice as cool (to an American anyways). Thanks for sharing it. I definitely try to avoid answers like that when my parents ask me questions.

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