Do you think my art is bad?

What do you think about my Art... is it bad?
~ Kairi_in_Skylands ~ Ironhearted
You know what I think of your work: I think you are a great- no, FANTASTIC artist! You have such a great style and imagination, and that's what makes me look forward to seeing what you show next!

P.S. What gave you the impression that your art was bad? Did someone say something to you?
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Aside from you what everyone thinks about my works?
~ Kairi_in_Skylands ~ Ironhearted
I say your art is great! If people think your art is bad they're wrong and just ignore them, what matters most is what YOU think of it.
Art takes lots of time and practice, if you think it's not good enough then that's ok. Use it as a type of motivation to practice even more and to get better because practice makes even more perfect. Also don't compare your art to anybody else's art, everyone has a different way of drawing. So once again I say this, your art is fantastic and keep up the good work.
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I dont think your art is bad. Sorry i dont really have any thing else to say other that you art is great and keep drawing.
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