Did Skylanders Save Spyro?
Did Skylanders save the Spyro IP? Why the question? It would be an interesting Topic.
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In my personal opinion, Skylanders helped Spyro to be introduced to the next generation of gamers.
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I think yes. Some people got to learn about Spyro through Skylanders. If Activision releases a new Spyro game in 2018 or later, some Skylanders fans will be interested.
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Oh no, this topic has arisen...
At least the majority of us here aren't thos stubborn and stupid retro-Spyro fans, or this would otherwise turn into an all out war!

I need to confess to something: I used to be on of these fans, but then I played Skylanders: SWAP Force and I loved it!
A couple of years ago, I would have given an ill-educated and unbacked "No." But now, having looked at the series from a much cheerier side - and being surrounded by people who don't bash the franchise at every mention of it - I can conclude that yes, Skylanders HAS saved Spyro the Dragon as a character.
Before this series, the purple dragon didn't really have much exposure... like, at all. Compared to other mascots like Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, and even Insomniac Games replacement of Ratchet and Clank, he wasn't really known as anything other than a video game character.
But with Skylanders not only is he a video game character, but also a book, comic, figurine AND cartoon character! So yeah, Skylanders has kept the purple dragon relevant still.

(Now the hard task of trying to sink this into the minds of EVERYONE ELSE!)
I was only vaguely aware that the Spyro games existed before I picked up the first Skylanders game, and I've gotten much more interested in the lore since then! While I do understand the frustration of some fans that Spyro isn't quite as heavily featured as he was in his original games, I think it's done a great job of keeping Spyro alive, especially with Imaginators and the TV series featuring him more!
Was it the only way? No, as it was suggested a thousand times, we could've had main series and spyro's "side adventures" in Skylanders.

But as of now, it did. Crash survived the hiatus by being the bigger fandom and having less changes in the games, but after LoS already shattering the fandom, Spyro would've probably been an edgy 16 year old or 30 year old+ thing to like. Reintroducing him allowed a lot of Skylanders fans to go back to discover the old series, and he's relevant to another genration.
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I'd say yes because at first Spyro's first three games were amazing, but ever since Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly came out, things started to go down hill. I actually enjoyed the Legend of Spyro games. I think TLoS trilogy is very underrated. Sadly, I don't think a lot of people know Spyro when you compare him to popular franchises like Mario and Sonic. I know he's just a video game character, but I still feel very sorry for him. However, when Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure came out, I was very happy that Spyro was back on track and now the young audience knows Spyro to this very day. (Well, if that young kid likes Skylanders.) Big Grin

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