Skylanders: Battlecast - Over-powered/Under-powered
OK, I know Battlecast isn't being worked on any more and I know it won't be receiving any patches ANY time soon, but that does not mean that it still has it's dedicated fanbase...
Call people like me 'cult followers.' Because I freaking LOVE IT!
And I still want to show my support for it in the vain hope that someone picks it up and turns it into a fan-game.

Should that happen, however, one thing that will need to be worked on is some of the characters and/or cards. Because some of them are HIDEOUSLY imbalanced!
Either they are almost impossible to counter or impossible to use. And this thread here is to vent out your frustration at either-or types or cards or characters.

Let me start with 2 of my least favourite spells: Concussion and Sap of the Ancients. And for opposite reasons.

Concussion is woefully under-powered. Do 50 damage for 2 crystals? Fine. Snare the enemy when they have 50 or less health? Um... OK, I guess? The problem is that the extra effect from the spell is all but useless. By the time you get your opponent within range of snaring them with the card - 100 HP - you can usually finish them off with an attack anyway, rendinger the spell almost pointless. Especially when hurling boulder does 60 damage for the same cost!
My proposed change to the spell is to increase the snare cap from 50 health to 100 health, giving it more flexibility and allowing it to be used earlier and more strategically. I often find that I get my enemies to 150 HP real early on in the match, but getting them under 100 is no easy task, so this change makes it much more effective.

Original                                                 Revised
[Image: 206?cb=20170404132411][Image: 180?cb=20170404131712]

OK, now for the one that I dread: Sap of the Ancients.
This card is DISGUSTINGLY OP! +50 power AND a free character card on top of that?! For the cost of 8 crystals?! You'd think being the most expensive Life card in the game would be enough to balance it out, but it's just far too effective that it's almost untouchable. I mean, giving the character one of their cards free of charge?! Imagine some of the nightmares you can get out of this: Crusher's My Father's Hammer; Stealth Elf's Cull The Weak; Tree Rex's Back To Your Roots; and worst of all, Jawbreaker's Power Pummel. The only solution to the problem then is this:
As a proposed change to BALANCE the card, it should have it's power increase dropped to +40 and instead reduce the cost of the drawn character card by 3. This will still mean certain cards cost nothing, but it's less of an immediate threat then since the best cards will still cost a bit. Whassat? Too harsh a drop? Oh, OK then... fortunately I prepared for this: how about reducing it's cost to 7 crystals? It's still usable but it's nowhere near as broken as the original card.
And for those that are fans of the original Sap of the Ancients, worry not! I turned it's effect into a new card: The Essence of Life. Basically the same, except it costs a whopping 10 crystals!
So it's a win-win scenario!

Original                                 Sap of the Ancients                                The Essence of Life
[Image: 206?cb=20170404132350][Image: 180?cb=20170404131731][Image: 180?cb=20170404131803]

Got any balances you would like to see?
Characters, spells and gear are all allowed. As for relics... I have something in mind coming soon. Unless it's really broken.
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

Sap of the Ancients is a combined 1-character Northen Lights, Excer-size and Muscle Sprouts, it should be at least 10 for the effect it has - the card should also cost 1 since, as you said, Power Pummel automatically becomes avaliable at 0 and that's a dead Skylander right off the bat combined with the regular attack.

Another one I have a bone to pick with is Take it for Granite. 70 permanent health for the cost it has is too much for someome who can use every single one of his character cards in the same deck - even Jawbreaker usually is better off keeping Virtual Ram to a wall deck or Galvanite Armor when you don't have Arkeyan War Armor to rely on. I'd either increase the cost to keep Crushers from using it as a free path to rank 3(and a Drop the Hammer), or make it be 40 health and -20 damage that turn as you'd expect from a granite cover.

As for underpowered, Jab. Wow, 2 energy for 20 damage, how exciting. You know what also costs 2 or less and can do more? Hurling Boulder, Shock, Abra-Kaboom, list goes on. I see literally no reason for this card to exist other to fill up a spot in starter decks.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
I see we agree on Sap of the Ancients.
And I wouldn't be surprised if other Battlecast players agree, too.

And Jab... yeah, that's a complete waste of space.
It only really exists as to say "Hey, I'm new here. I don't really know how to play."
Let me see if I can come up with something more usable...
I've had idea for Jab, as well the also underpowered (and easily forgettable and overlooked) Training Sword. Let me run it by you:

Jab still cost 2 energy and does 20 damage... BUT if you're active ally is holding a gear, it deals 40 extra damage.
As for Training Sword, it also still costs 2 energy and increase your power by 10... BUT as long as the owner is your active ally, at the start of your turn it will draw - repeat, DRAW, not gain - a Jab.
Can you see the brilliance here?

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