Path Recommendations (Imaginators/Senseis)
What paths would you suggest to fans on elemental Imaginators and the Skylander Senseis?
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Ooh, there are plenty of awesome combinations for Imagionators! My favorite is my Life Bowslinger, he was a complete accident, but it's the Imagionator that made me realize planning out your Imagionators can reap huge bennefits. I try to experiment with the Creator app, to help plan things out, before setteling on something. His powers are Long Shot, Flower Power, Knockback Shot, and of course Volley Storm for the Soul Gem. In the end you get a wirey Bowslinger that's hard to approach, and hard to hit, even if you do manage to get close.
Far as I can see, it doesn't matter. Each upgrade path for EVERY Skylander has it's own benefits and playstyles - you just need to adapt to the style and understand how it works.
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