Krakatoa and another Sensei named "Void" was leaked when a visitor at Activision HQ took a picture of a LightCore? Barbella and told us what they saw/heard on 4chan. Due to 4chan's topic activity limit, the topic itself was removed automatically by the server.

But a new image has surfaced that shows Krakatoa. And the anonymous person who leaked this is said to have b-roll gameplay and figures are going to be shown at E3.

[Image: 6cc9727d1ebfac1680e17aa018f6ef0a.png]
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I'm going to be cautious on this. On one hand, it does look real. On the other hand, we had a fake Smash Bros leak not too long ago.
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That is a very peculiar looking Skylander! He doesn't really have much character to him (if it is a guy). It looks like a gray and yellow dinosaur-esque blob. I'm tempted to say this is fake, since it looks like a bad fan made render, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is real. Though I keep imagining some more particle effects on him, something to make it look more lava like.
It looks kind of ugly, like it is unfinished. We'll see...
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I honestly find this really hard to be faked. You would have to be a master at photo shop to fake this image. King Pen was leaked and lots of people thought he was fake even though he obviously wasn't because the art is so unique.
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I think it's real, and that maybe, the image quality is what is making him look the same time how many Magma made Skylanders do we already have? Erupter, Hot Head, and Hot Dog? We have too many tree people too... That is a bit of a negative approach though, so here is hoping he is real, and is an amazing character!
Hang on a second...
Has anyone actually bothered to read the text? It doesn't say "Sensei" it says "Fire Brawler," is if the character is an Imaginator... which it couldn't possible be, surely?

Something isn't sitting right with this.
Something smells like "fake."
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I was wondering that... Fire Brawler?
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Could be part of prototype gameplay. We'll wait until E3 if this is real.

Just noticed! Some other Sensei prototypes had the same format, but didn't say Sensei.
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