Favourite Video Game Quotes That Have Nothing To Do With Skylanders
Title says it all.
Just go ahead and list those video game quotes from non-Skylander games that you absolutely love!

Just remember to be careful which ones you pick... don't go for anything obscene/inappropriate/offensive. This is a family friendly forum, after all.

Here are some of mine:

Crash: Mind Over Mutant Wrote:N. Brio:
Paper covers rock, but paper can't stop rocks... IT MAKES NO SENSE!

Crash Tag Team Racing Wrote:Anything by Von Clutch... LOVE HIM!!

Von Clutch:
Mein auto controls is haywire... MEDIC!!

Team Fortress 2 Wrote:Really, any Spy domination quote fits. Here's just a few

*dominates Demoman* Here's what I have that you don't: a functioning liver, depth perception and a pulse!
*dominates Heavy* Oh... too bad this wasn't a pie eating contest!
*dominates Scout* May I borrow your earpiece? This is Scout, rainbow's make me cry. Over!

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Wrote:Sly Cooper: I have no idea what you're saying... and your suit sucks!

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor\s Treasure Wrote:Jean-Francois: But... this weapon is invincible!
Phantom R: Sorry, but it's VERY vincible!

Alright, over to you now!
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Plenty from Project x Zone 2:
Xiaomu:Here Reiji, have some hot coffee. I lied. It's cold coffee. I LIED! IT'S HOT COFEE!
Reiji: Do you seriously have nothing better to do?

Xiaoyu: Gotta say, Felicia, you act more human than King does!
Felicia: I suppose. He's always got his mouth open, like, "MRAAAHHH".
Chun-Li: I thought that was just a mask.

Nana: Good work, Felicia! I've got a yummy fish for you!
Ciel: Hold on, Nana. We need to consider her nutritional balance and establish regular feeding times.
Felicia: Hey! When did I turn into a pet?!

And let's not forget this gem:
Xiaomu: Clothes, personality, mangled Japanese she picked up on the Internet. Yep! Screams "USA" all right. 
Jill: I don't think America has anything to do with it.

From Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Cynder: It's beautiful up here.
Spyro: That tower must lead to Malefor's domain
Cynder: Thanks for ruining the moment. 
Will post more later.
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Mysterious robot in Destiny: "I don't even have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."

Love the game but this line is so bad it's funny.
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