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wonder if there will be a season 4
Me too! It's sorta the struggle of liking a TV show, that can literally be canceled at any moment without much notice. From what I've heard (though I haven't finished season 3 yet) this season ends with unresolved plot points, so story-wise it's a possibility. But I think it's up to Netflix/Activision. Until we know how this season is faring, we can't even really speculate.
It's ultimately up to Activision to make the call. The interview earlier mentioned they had plenty of stories left to tell, so that seems to imply they're definitely doing one if Activision greenlights it.

Mentioned by Steve Hulett a couple weeks ago that Skylanders Academy is apparently still listed as "ongoing". Obviously we should wait for more confirmation, but no reason to give up hope for a 4th season yet.
Nice find, Darklander.

If there is a season 4, it'll be interesting to see what they do next.
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I was going to ask season 4 when? Oh well.
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Still doesn't answer your question of 'when', sadly.
Might come at the end of the year. Let's wait and see if anything is announced.
We really didn't get any information regarding season 3 minus the leaks until close to its release, so if season 4 is happening we probably won't get any information about it for a while yet.

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