Dragon Adoptables and Stuff
Will I Ever Make A Thread That's Not About Self-Advertising? Stay Tuned To Find Out

So for a while, on and off, I've had batches of Skylanders-based dragon adoptables on my deviantArt. There's eggs with random patterns and colors, and gems with random elements and cuts, and the buyer picks one egg and one gem and I brainstorm a design based on the two.

The designs can range from typical quadruped westerns/europeans...

[Image: b2917bb7bcbae8826b6f78cf8b298507-db433ni.png][Image: 63db43fffe9642c10805c6d909d4885a-dbdtnhh.png]

...to less-typical but still Skylands-y characters...

[Image: im_dragon_1b__thorn__swamp_grump__by_fan...b3vk9v.png][Image: 352d991a3b44c505fa2df49a3e9aeda2-db64793.png]

...to lanky things with somewhat-exaggerated features...

[Image: im_dragon_1e__gromp__frilly_coral__by_fa...b6001w.png][Image: dca33facc58c6b704a9da7228c77b5a7-dbdsczz.png]

...to more ornate designs...

[Image: d5738ade455b79508891be52cef1095e-db3uqky.png][Image: 4ca7a84aea8061a4d003780069220c79-db7pxnf.png]

...to floof.

[Image: 1a6ac8a9d680794924ba8904f4dbdba9-db3yedq.png]

Here's a link to my deviantArt. Each adoptable sells for 500 dA points, OR $5 USD, OR trading a character of your own for the adoptable.

I started doing these half because I like designing stuff and half because I wanted to weasel my way into the fandom, so I hope you all enjoy my art (and maybe consider getting one or two whosits for yourself someday)~
[Image: y6Z8tRD.png]  [Image: BBDU3yX.png]  [Image: c41o9Jg.png]  [Image: 6m3rBqB.png]

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