Skylanders Tales of Skylands
I'm taking drawing lessons so I can learn to make Comic Books and Cartoons.I was thinking about making my own Skylanders Comic Series titled "Skylanders Tales of Skylands,Where it focuses on Spyro and the Main Skylanders,Crash Bandicoot,The Doom Raiders and some Imaginators I came up with out to stop villains like Kaos,Ripto,Malefor,Kaos's New Army of Doomlanders and even Dr.Neo Cortex.If you have any Imaginators you want to add in the Comic,Let me know and I'll add them as a guest,a supporting role or even part of the main story.It will be ready Soon,But for now I got a lot of Drawing to do,If you guys have any Ideas for stories let me know.Thank You
I love Skylanders with all my heart,I also like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot too.  Sleepy

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