Which cast size?
Big cast, little variety
Small cast, better variety
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Would you like a small complex cast or a full simple cast?
With a smaller budget compared to the main games, and with Summoners War's precedent, it's an unfortunate guess that the game might have samey abilities for all 300+ Skylanders with small variations. However, should the game use a smaller cast like Battlecast, there might be room for these characters to get unique uses, and maybe even new additions to their lore with new powers.

Which one would you like? Every character for all fans but shallow and simple differences, or risk not having your favorite character show up, but they are much more unique and varied?
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My three cents? They'll probably use the Academy Skylander cast to further promote the show.

I'm guessing they'll use Spyro, Stealth Elf, Eruptor... much like Battlecast.
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Smaller cast, more diversity.

They can easily add more Skylanders in later updates, which is what they were apparently doing with Battlecast...
Then that got shut down.

And yeah, having the Academy cast present as the main set is kind of obvious, now. I mean, all 5 characters have been prominently featured in almost every Skylander game to date. (I said "ALMOST" OK?)
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