The Toys to Life Ratings
I see this weird trend on Toys to Life games, but all of them that released on Consoles are rated E10+ but yet I see people calling them "Kids games"... Like why not rate them E for everyone in the first place If people find them like games for kids...

I don't know why is that rating, etc?
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It has to do with the content of the game, not necessarily who they are intended for or who plays them. Skylanders was rated E 10+ for cartoon violence and comic mischief. E games are usually not as "violent". For example Miitopia is rated just E for mild cartoon violence and crude humor.
I've never understood some game ratings in the first place.
For instance: the Tony Hawk Pro Skater, where pretty much ALL of the games are M rated or higher... and yet most of them are virtually fully clean (minus blood particles, but that's a minor detail - and it can be turned off in some games).
On the hand, you have the Ratchet and Clank series, which has sexual innuendo's farther than the eye can see (even in the titles) and yet they get E/G ratings? Some of the references are even blatantly obvious! They even straight up censor a character dropping the F-bomb... rated E, for everyone!

In Skylanders case - and most others that are similar, I reckon it has to do with the 'Fantasy violence' aspect... although if it's fantasy violence, it's not really "violent" is it?
Like I said: I never understood game ratings.
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I thought Tony Hawk games were T? Anyways, Ratchet and Clank has always been a mystery for me. Maybe they feel like those innuendos will just go over kids heads? But I really feel like not too many people care about the rating system (though my parents still do XD). Like don't a ton of kids play Call of Duty?

Skylanders does fit the E 10+ category to me, since it is mainly a combat centered game and some of Kaos' dialog has some words (like stupid and lame) that some parents might not like.
I think he means the Australian classification thing.

Anyway, I been seeing that trend on those game's rating.

Also the reason this comment is different I complain about something so stupid.
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Tony Hawk might be because of the music.
ESRB doesn't look too much into the games they're revewing since the devs are the ones that judge what might need to be analyzed. There's toys, there's no blood, but ot can get a bit violent, so E 10+. There's also the issue of people who don't read past the E and immediately assume it's a brainless kiddy game, including parents.
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