The People vs. Pop Fizz (S2 07)
The People vs. Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz is arrested and put on trial for committing robberies all over the Skylands, and the other Skylanders have to help find the real culprit.

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This episode was the weakest of the bunch for the season. Plot's been done better in countless other shows and the real culprit was disappointing.

I feel this episode would've been a much better fit for season 1. It wasn't bad, it just felt unnecessary and didn't really bring anything to the story.
Episode contradicts itself too by saying the culprit was short, he's is as tall as everyone else in Team Spyro and taller than the Mabu. I was hoping for it to actually be a Beast Form thing and Pop Fizz would be freed if he defeated it.

At least the shameless Law and Order theme in the background got a good chuckle out of me.
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This wasn't a weak episode at all! I do agree that they need to add in Pop Fizz's beast form, that would be pretty epic. I feel like they should have used Eruptor's detective mode though, or at least mention why he didn't. That was a bit of a missed opportunity.
I personally really like this episode... but maybe it's because ever since the Steven Universe episode "The Trial" I've been obsessed with my shows getting related things...

I also mainly liked it for Sprocket as well :')

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