The Single Strongest Skylander...
Simple question:

Who is the single STRONGEST Skylander?

How you answer this question is dependent on your own thinking, so there really are no rules as to how you answer. Just say who you believe to be the single most powerful Skylander and why.
That is all!

After some gameplay and experience, I believe the best Skylander is actually Cortex. When upgraded down his Wonderful Wizardry path, his anti-range capabilities AND ability to immobilize enemies makes him an absolute BEAST!
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Well, the data says Gearshift and any Imaginato, though no tier list was ever made.

I still stick by S2 Hex on my collection though. As long as Skull Buddy can be set up, forever reliable. Close second is Mysticat but that's for sheer power creep as of Imaginators.
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the giants
Elite Trigger Happy does the most damage in a single hit (excluding high level Imaginators with very high duplicate stats) Video

Knight Mare can do infinite damage but it only works in Trap Team on training dummies lol... Video

Otherwise, Gearshift was pretty OP in Superchargers and still somewhat is in Imaginators compared to other characters from previous games.
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