looking back at 2017
since December is almost here, with it comes Christmas and the end of 2017!
so, I've decided to look back at the events that happened in 2017!
without a new Skylanders game for this year, but thankfully Pokemon Ultra Sun made up for that.
along with Donald Trump taking office as our new President, (heck, look how much he keeps getting attacked daily nonstop and they keep making themselves look stupied doing so)
Plus the ever so popular toy of the year, the fidget spinners! (Heck, I got 59 of these things!)
Nintendo launching their new console, The Nintendo Switch! with the ever so popular Zelda, breath of the wild as a launch title!
plus where there is happyness, there is also sadness.
such as the death of Adam Wests, (RIP for you will be missed) Miiverse gets shut down, and all the annoyances that involves sabotaging Donald Trump from doing his job!

so, any memories you'd like to share?
Seeing remastered Crash make his E3 2017 before his release back to the full public eye.

Playing the last 3DS Pokemon game...
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."

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