Happy Birthday & New Years Countdown Shorts
So it looks like there are two Skylanders 1-minute shorts on Netflix. Both are more or less previously shown clips edited together with a couple new lines of dialogue and the Skylanders singing.

Nothing really new, but it was nice to see nonetheless.
They were there since before Season 2 came out, actually. Very meh but apparently they help children celebrate when alone.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
happy new year in everyone on users skylandsacademy.com
(12-31-2017, 02:17 AM)stevenvasgreek Wrote: happy new year in everyone on users skylandsacademy.com

Happy New years to you all!
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Happy New Years!

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Happy New Years from Kairi_in_Skylands, May your Heart be your Guiding Key... I mean, Skylanders Unite!
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