Activision has reportedly shut down it’s sole US distribution center and warehouse
So. I just found this.

Not sure what this could mean for games with physical releases, or toys for any possible Skylanders games going forward.
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so no more skylanders or not?
No word on the status of the franchise. It was known that the distribution center at Fresno was hit with flooding around the time Cursed Tiki Temple was delayed.

They could have another distribution center, or they may have other methods in mind. They did mention in the article:

Max A. Cherney Wrote:The decision to close the facility comes amid a broad shift in the gaming sector, as nearly half of consumers have opted to purchase and download console games instead of buying physical copies of new titles.

“It’s clear to us (and many others) that console games will be 100% digital in the future, but the timing of this is hard to pinpoint,” PiperJaffray analyst Michael Olson wrote in a December note to clients. “It’s important to keep in mind that in the midst of the continuing trajectory toward 100% digital full game purchases, the growth of digital add-on content continues; the positive of digital add-on content is it both drives a higher digital mix and creates incremental revenue.”


According to Olson’s research, the gaming sector will reach a critical mass of 70% to 80% of games digitally downloaded and bought within the next few years, but that the all-digital future will arrive sometime after 2020. Once that critical mass hits, the trend toward all-digital titles will accelerate, he wrote.
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