Sam and Max Thread
From coast to coast, they track their bemangered prey
A pile of foes they leave in their wake
Woe to fools who dare to get in their way
If they had known you were coming they probably wouldn't have baked you a cake
And so begins our gruesome tale
Do not pass Go, go directly to jail
The bigfoot waits in its stinky abode
When Sam and Max make some tracks
When Sam... and Max...


If you've been around for the past thirty years, chances are you have at least heard of Sam and Max, the Freelance Police! And if you haven't... no biggie. I'll address why later.
These guys have been quite literally EVERYWHERE! Created by Steve Purcell as comic characters initially, they made their big breakout hit in 1991 with Sam and Max: Hit The Road - sometimes regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. They also had their own cartoon around that time as well...

And then nothing.
At least, not until 2006 when Telltale Games came along and created the episodic game series Sam and Max: Save The World. And since then, well... it's been business a usual for them.

This dynamic duo deal with quite possible the most bizarre and hilarious cases and scenario's you've ever seen! Alien incursions; time travel; ancient civilizations; undead uprisings; all-powerful deities and relics; a paranoid shop-keeper - if it's unlikely to ever happen... it will happen to them! After a while with these guys, you'd probably think an invasion of gorilla aliens made out of cheese was an every day occurrence! Actually, I don't think that ever happened...

Unconventional; bizarre; funny; and in Max's case, crazy to the point of finding lethal purposes out of everyday items (most if not all of which get turned down) and always going last resort for the unusual and often hazardous route out - there is NEVER a dull moment when these guys are around!

And it's over to you guys now; got any fond memories of these two legends?
I'm not picky this time - just say your favourite moments with them!
I'm the Primordial Clok-Roo
Signing out!

I remember the Sam and Max show, but never played the games.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."

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