Blossom Tales review
Time for another review! this time it's Blossom tales for the switch

ok, since I've played Blossom tale all the way though, I though I should lay down my thoughts
intro: this game takes place, with two children asking their Grandpa a story. 
it begins the protagonist of the game Lily sleeping in bed. (doesn't this sounds familiar?) because she was overjoyed overnight because the day happens to be the day she becomes a knight by the king.
you'll also get meet the game antagonist, the wizard Crocus. ( he looked like a bad guy to me,)

gameplay: incase you haven't figured this out, this game is basically a 'The legend of Zelda' clone! it plays heavily from a link to the past, you'll always hold a sword for one button and two other buttons extra items. in fact, it has bombs, bow and arrows, potions, a shovel, and a boomerang! yep, basic stuff you'll normally find. but there are some medallions that lets you kill ememies in different ways, like summoning bees, quake, fire wall, Thunderbolt, and my personal favorite, the fireball of total destruction! (lol!) pluse if you hold the attack button, you'll be able to perform a spin attack. but there's another move that follows that up. if you charge your sword, and quickly press the attack button, you'll do a Roundhouse, a move at lets you to rush at your enemies and slam at your ememies.

dungeons: ok, what's a good Zelda clone without a couple of dungeons to explore? and this game is no exception! to get in a dungeon, you'll have to complete couple of puzzles outside of it... and speaking of which, I've noticed most of my fellow knights were clueless on how to get in! but if you are familiar with puzzles, this shouldn't be much of a problem. some of the puzzles requires you to walk on a floor that chanes color when you walk on them, pushing blocks on buttons, and some memory puzzles where you need to remember which panels light up.
plus in each dungeon there is a sub boss that guards a new weapon, and a main dungeon that guards a story item.

music and sounds: the sound tract for this game is fun to lesson to, in fact, favorite BGM has to be in the winter area, I often shoot sword beams to match the music's dinging sound. (it was too fun to do so)

Graphics: for a 16-bit game, the graphics are nice.

Zelda likeness- let's see, how does this game match up to the Legend of Zelda series...
a sleeping protagonist at the begining of the game, check, it's an overview, dungeon and crawling type of game, check, a spin attack, check,and a sub screen where you carry and select items like bow, arrows, boomerang, and a couple of potions, check!

Overall, if you are looking for a 'The legend od Zelda' like game for the switch, then I would recommended downloading it.

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