Best/Favourite SWAP Force Combinations
OK, time to get some life back into this forum...

Quick topic here: your favourite and/or best SWAP Force combinations.
Doesn't matter if the two halves are of the same element or even from the same Skylander; just say what your favourite swapabilities are or which ones you think are the best!
(And if you feel like it, you can also say which ones don't work together as well...)


I don't have a LOT of SWAP Force Skylanders, but I do have some favourites at the moment:
Blast Shake and Magna Buckler.

Blast Shake is just a carnage beast - especially if you take the top half down the Ignition path! Able to launch bombs and skeletal jaws that can be set on fire through a flaming barricade, as well as able to knock enemies back at close range, this combination is just carnage, carnage and even MORE carnage! Take it into any Arena Battle and you'll see what I mean!
It can even hold its own against large enemies with the Bone Herder path for the legs. It's just an all power crowd clearer!

Magna Buckler is a lot more technical, but get it right and it can REALLY put the sting on enemies! - plus, it doesn't really matter which upgrade path you take either half down! Shoot ink to immobilize enemies; roll through them; pick 'em up; slam 'em down again; blast them; slap them; and even use the Tentacle Carousel attack to clear out small enemies like Chompies!
The only downside is that it isn't particularly good against large enemies... or large groups of them. But small groups of individuals or those surrounded by small enemies? One of the best choices you have!
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Fire Kraken


Rattle Buckler~
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I've been wanting to get my hands on Fire Kraken for ages - even had a chance of getting the Jade variant once... didn't get it. Pity.

I just found another combination that works really well: Trap Loop.
Get into the thick of it against a horde of enemies; slash 'me up; dash your way out/through; rinse and repeat... or just simply get up close and personal without them noticing.
Works amazingly well against strong enemies, like Geargolem's... surprisingly not that effective with hordes of Chompies. Strange...
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I haven't collected much Swap Force characters as I only got into the variants of it so I wouldn't have to pay extra on ebay. However, I do have one that I have a favorite: Magna Zone.

I like the design of this combination and it has the same name as the Pokémon of the same name. I would say this combination is not the most powerful but it is worth talking about it. Btw, Since I have a Nitro version of Magna Charge, it would be Nitro Magna Zone because I don't have the original one yet.
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It's in the Trap Team forums. Duh.

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