Skylanders TV series planned during SSA
So according to this Twitter post, a Skylanders television series already planned but Activision didn't have ideas at the time to get it off the ground. According to FablePaint, the director of the pitch didn't really know much about Spyro, so Fable told him he could watch let's plays of all the games. But the director never took Fable's word on it apparently.
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Interesting! Those sketches are lovely. Spyro looks more retro the Skylander version. This certainly would have been different. For some reason I'm getting MLP vibes. XD
Would been more epic then the current show?
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(04-20-2018, 01:47 PM)Kairi_in_Skylands Wrote: Would been more epic then the current show?

Probably note. Down the Twitter comments the original poster says that the animation company who was bidding on it probably wasn't the best fit for the show.

It looks like it could have been 2D animation, which would have been cool (though I prefer the 3D of Academy).
I think he should start playing the old Spyro games to get ideas from classic games.
Kind of reminds me of how there was originally going to be a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger cartoon during his time.

On a side note, I'm still kind of upset that Australia's ONLY gaming mascot has become forgotten to the sands of time.
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...Crash is australian, though.
Anime? In my Skylanders? It's more likely than you think.
I meant made by an Australian company. (Sorry for not being clear.)
Ty was made by Krome Studios's, Crash Bandicoot was made by NaughtyDog.

Crash is therefore American.
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