Have you ever finished any of the games with just one Skylander?
Like the question says, honestly I never done that, but it would be interesting to do a run with only one Skylander, no switching, and when you are defeated you have to start the level all over again. Eh, I don't know what do you think?
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I have considered doing a solo of SWAP Force with Stealth Elf once. (Heavy: Not big surprise.)
Didn't go through with it for some reason...

Might actually give it a go a some point in the future.
May do the same with SuperChargers and Giants. God help me if I decide to do Trap Team...
Kaos will crucify me in that game.
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I completed Spyro’s Adventure in one day with just Stealth Elf. Wasn’t hard because once you fully upgrde her blades, and you get the upgrade with the blades floating over your head, her DPS is HUGE.
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