Trap Team Question
Can Traps inthe game can be reset or something? Just asking about it, sometimes I buy Skylanders and some have been used before and some I had to reset for sake of leveling up and I don't know if this also applies to Traps as well.
~ Kairi_in_Skylands ~ Destiny to Skylands
My knowledge on this may be a bit spotty, but I don't really think Traps need to be reset. And I don't think they can. You could just go to your Villain Vault and replace what ever villain is already in there.
Far as I know, you cannot reset traps.
I think one of our fellow members, however, came up with a trick that allows you to reset them through tricking the portal.

I tried finding the thread he posted it in, but I had no luck.
Hopefully the guy that found the exploit pops up and re-explains what it was again.
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Oh ok, but still just checking, since i'm a little iffy buying Traps.
~ Kairi_in_Skylands ~ Destiny to Skylands

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