Scrapped Level + Assets
A senior environment artist at TFB posted some images on the work they did for Skylanders: Imaginators. She also posted images of a scrapped level concept that never made it to the final game:

[Image: jamie-burton-imaginators-page-11.jpg]

[Image: jamie-burton-imaginators-page-12.jpg?1527197742]

[Image: jamie-burton-imaginators-page-13.jpg?1527197746]
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Roberto Moreno did that sign in specific and another dragon asset. Odd that he lists it as personal work, maybe the group did it in their spare time and didn't get it approved.

[Image: roberto-moreno-personalproject-02.jpg?1524949442]
[Image: roberto-moreno-ingame-sign.jpg?1506209068]

I'll put these on the wiki once I get some time, I completely forgot who did it until now.
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