Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Beta Testing
Skylanders: Ring of Heroes has begun its beta testing for Android users! If you have an android device compatible with the game, play on and download the game from Google Play!

Beta testing ends on June 25th!

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this is looking good. I might even give the full version a try out someday
That trailer was pretty bomb. I love the cinematic at the beginning. I really want to play it now! I don't personally have an android device, but I might just borrow my Dad's to give it a try...
I'm doing coverage for the game at the wiki; it gets pretty hard pretty quick. Don't waste your gems/wishstones on small summons, you WANT role variety on your Skylanders and very soon because it takes a while to unlock attack upgrades.
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You might want to send information to the dev's then. It's unlikely they'll come either here or to the Wiki for stuff that needs fixing and/or changing.
By the sounds of it, they'll need to increase the amount of gems/wishstones you receive, and also bring the games difficulty down a touch.
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