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Shantae: Half Genie Hero Thread (or just Shanate in general)
Now that the Academy is back up on-line, there's something I've been wanting to bring up here and get talking about...

Just one question: is this a retelling, soft-reboot, sequel, or something else entirely?
Who cares! I will Dance Through The Danger!

Shantae: Half Genie Hero! This is a game I recently got in the form of the Ultimate Edition on PS4 and I LOVE IT! Not top 10 material, but dangerously close!
If you  haven't heard of Shantae, that's alright... the series - despite it's mega cult following since Pirate Curse - is largely unknown. But for those interested, it's a series by WayForward about a our half-genie heroine Shantae in a weird and whacky world, full of wonder, splendor, and comical shenanigans.
I love the gameplay, story, humour and general design of Half Genie Hero to bits! It's a game that's been on my radar for a while and I am glad to have given it a go now!
I'm just curious who else here is into Shantae? Doesn't even have to be Half Genie Hero specifically! Can be the original GameBoy Colour game, Risky's Revenge or Pirate's Curse.
Let's just talk Shantae!

Oh, and for anyone who;s curious about it, I've been cooking up a little something Shantae related...
I'd love to show you guys, but only if you're interested!
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Can't say I like HGH for MANY reasons, but I absolutely love everything about Pirate's Curse. It's cheap on Steam, get it if you haven't already!
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I have heard Pirate's Curse is really good.
But I don't know, it's not really drawing me in. Half-Genie Hero has my full interest, though.

Though I have hit what is officially my first MAJOR dislike about the game: Beach Mode.
Shantae in a bikini? Good (if you're a male). The actual gameplay? Not so good. I mean, you're practically forced to rush your way through the levels which are almost completely UNCHANGED. Boring AND annoying. Which after playing through Officer Mode is a big drop. Hopefully Ninja Mode is better.
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OK, talk about unexpected.
Just a few hours ago, I was playing Gran Turismo Sport, when all of a sudden I received a notification saying "Shantae: Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition Update v1.01 Installed." Even though Aussie Internet is garbage, I only got the game a week ago, so I know this update isn't delayed on my end.

Turns out that WayForward just added a new mode, called Jammie Mode.
Following suit with Ninja, Beach and Officer Mode, it would appear to be an Arcade style alt-story in which Shantae journeys out in her sleeping gown, armed with a pillow.
I've yet to try it yet (I'll provide a short update in when I can), but something tells me that this one is gonna be good.


OK, so, you know how I just said that Beach Mode sucks?
Well, Jammies Mode is what Beach Mode SHOULD have been! Not only is the core gameplay the same in design as Beach Mode, but you do incredible amounts of damage! This makes beating the game in record time really easy!
I almost 100%'ed the mode in under an hour. Fell short by 51 seconds...
Still fast enough for the 100% Fastest Clear screen, though.
Oh, and the story was really damn good!
So yeah, loved it!
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