Skylanders Academy Season 3 will premiere on September 28th
Season 3 will debut on Netlix on September 28th next month!

This season will also introduce the show's intepretation of Captain Flynn, who is voiced by none other than Patrick Warburton, and Crash Bandicoot will return. Eric Rogers, the original show runner for Academy, will step down and he’ll be replaced by the showrunning duo of Clayton Sakoda and Ian Weinreich starting with Season 3.

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Please be a bit a "Serious" Season.
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OMG!. I'm so exited Smile
Probably will be, Kairi, given how Season 2 ended and how Season 3 is set-up.
It really depends on how long Spyro stays Dark Spyro, though.
I personally hope it's not for too long. There will be only so much they can do with him before they have to change him back... or remove him. But that seems a little extreme!

To be honest, I'm kind of uneasy. Hearing that their is a 'change of management' - so to speak - is not good news. Usually when new people come in, they try a very different approach.
For the Blackadder series, that was fine because each new season was set in a different time period. For something like Skylanders Academy? This could go either way...


One more thing:

I just read that Collider article...

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