Shooting at Jacksonville Madden esport tournament
Today, there was a shooting that occurred during an esports tournament in Florida in which gamers competed by playing “Madden NFL 2019.” The shooter was a competitor who lost in one of the rounds during the tournament, and during an argument with another gamer, he went off and came back with a gun opening fire, killing 4 and leaving many injured before turning the gun on himself.

It's even worse that the event was being livestreamed on Twitch.

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Dang, that guy was salty much to cause a shooting, man give me a break, what a sore salty butthurt loser, it's like I lost, I lost let's not get so hesitent to shoot people because I don't agree with you. Even me, if I don't agree with someone I don't cause a commotion especially being livestreamed on Twitch, where everyone saw it.

Now Tournaments should be a more safer when it comes to this kind of situations, like EVO, the Pokémon World Championships (Not E-Sports thing but there was a similiar situation), etc. Like metal detectors and stuff like that security, should keep a watch on the audiance and the competitors.
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They'll definitely be taking extra precautions in the future for certain.

The problem is that this kind of thing is common place in the USA. I mean, there have been multiple shootings this year alone, and even more in years past. And a big part of the problem is - and this is gonna get ugly - their Right to Bear Arms.
And they can't do anything about it because, from what I've heard, the Gun Lobby is extremely influential on the matter... or something like that.

My thoughts go out to those that lost their lives simply playing the game they loved.
No matter what your viewpoint is, this is a sad day for video gamers and esports everywhere.

EDIT: The shooting was briefly mentioned on Australian news/light entertainment program The Project, but nothing more.
Interestingly, they only reported 2 people dead and not 4. They also said that police wouldn't report on whether the shooter's actions was based on, for want of better wording, being a sore loser.
I just saw this on Snap Chat! It's SO terrible, but sadly seemingly common now. I'm not going to get into the gun control debate, but I will say this person was clearly mentally unstable. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.
New details: the shooter, David Katz, had a history of mental illness and was prescribed anti-psychotic medicine. He won a Buffalo Bills Madden championship in 2017, but apparently returned to compete this year unhinged. In the competition, he had lost a few rounds, which prevented him from reaching the finals, and was acting strangely after losing.

In wake of the shooting, EA sports cancelled three other Madden 19 tournaments -
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."

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