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A thread for discussions on Nintendo Directs.

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Can't wait for WOFF for Switch,Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Everybuddy,Star Link,Smash Bros,Luigi's Mansion 3 and Nintendo's Online Service,Although I'm not happy that it wasn't Geno confirmed for Smash Bros
World of Final Fantasy is on PS4, Vita and Steam, but the Switch Version adds more content and Noctis and I want it. although the PS4/Vita versions have the advantage of having the Sora and Balthier Champion Summons (Steam has Balthier as well), I still want a sequel.

20 bucks per year for the online service? Sign me up. Also Crystal Chronicles Remastered for Switch, please have local multiplayer mode as well. Isabelle for Smash and Animal Crossing Switch yes.
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The only thing about thius direct that has me excited is Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. I love the original game on the Wii, and I love that they are doing more than just porting it to the 3DS.
I'd happily play through the game again on a new system... and I don't do that often!
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