Three Sides to Every Story (S3 08)
Three Sides to Every Story
Jet-Vac believes someone vaporized Eon, and his three main suspects Eruptor, Spyro and Stealth Elf -- who each having differing stories.
"Your past may be fragmented, but your present is what matters."
Ordinarily, I HATE these types of episodes, mostly because each character's perception of the story is cringe worthy with how they explain it...
*gets nightmares of that one Sonic Boom episode* I get cold shivers thinking about that... that... THING! Can't even dare call it a cartoon episode!

But this was actually REALLY good! So far my favourite episode of the season. How all the stories intertwined and how they were explained (and displayed) were entertaining.
Though I did think the final conclusion overall was kind of... dumb. Then again, I think we all knew that something unusual was coming. And yeah, that was... something unusual.

It also felt good since Dark Spyro didn't feel like Dark Spyro in this episode; he felt like normal Spyro. Up until know, I just felt uncomfortable with Dark Spyro because I know he's evil... but this episode broke that mold. I dig it!
Show ContentThat said...:

Looking forward to the rest of the episodes now!
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