Is Activision thinking about rebooting Skylanders? [Academy Spoilers]
So having finished binge-watching season 3 of Skylanders Academy, all the recent events surrounding the Skylanders series have left me wondering if perhaps Activision is planning on rebooting Skylanders.

We know they mentioned that the comics were cancelled because they didn't want them to conflict with the show. The show did well enough that it was renewed for a third season before the second season was even started, so there has to be some market for it. The only games coming out at the moment are Ring of Heroes.

So let's get into the discussion here...

Academy Season 3 Spoilers:
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Since Activision has faith in the show and cancelled the comics over it, is it possible that Activision is using the show to soft reboot the games with lore from the show?

Activision needed to give the games a break due to fatigue. For a while it's seemed like they didn't know where they want to go with the game story and constantly had tidbits back to the "The Legend of Spyro" series while trying to make its own things. The comics attempted to fill in the gaps, but due to the cancellation we'll never see how.

With Academy, Activision has new lore they can follow to make Skylanders its own without any of that confusion. They don't need to retain any lore from TLoS for fans anymore.

What does everyone think?
Hmm, I wouldn't be surprised, given how they noticed that the fans seem to like the TV series more.

Plus I can expect a Skylanders reboot in the future if they decide to take the risk.
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Because the show showcased more of the characters personalities then the games ever did.

A reboot sounds a bit of a stretch, I already said this in the Starlink thread, they should try to incorporate the playable characters into the story, if they want to continue. Also write a decent Story like they tried with SuperChargers that even got emotional and serious for once.
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