So about Kaos...
Why does he seem to forget 80% of the time that he has powerful magic at his fingertips? I mean he gets beaten up(mostly by the Doom raiders) a lot and acts like he has nothing to defend himself with.
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Haha, right?!?! That bothers me too. Kaos as a villain is often made the comic relief at the expense of his character. I wish they would finally show that he is a true villain, capable of terrible things. It's frustrating, but I still like him in Academy (he was sorta like that in the games too).
Kaos isn't a serious villain, unlike Strykore, The Darkness, Malefor, etc. He's your typical joke villain, those villains are not meant to be taken seriously.

Kaos isn't going to pull a Plankton in the First SpongeBob Movie. Although SuperChargers is the most serious Kaos has been,
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