What to know about Spyro's Adventure
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The Skylanders adventure starts here! The evil tyrant KAOS is threatening to destroy Skylands. Only you can bring the Skylanders to life-unlocking their special powers and abilities-by placing them on the Portal of Power™!

Starter Pack
[*]Copy of game
[*]Three Skylanders figures (Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt)
[*]Portal of Power
[*]Character poster
[*]Trading cards
[*]Sticker sheet
[*]Web codes

[Image: 71a9bgvvUKL._SL1278_.jpg]

3DS Starter Pack
  • Small Portal of Power
  • Copy of game
  • Two Skylanders figures (Dark Spyro and Stealth Elf)
  • Web codes

Adventure Packs
  • Darklight Crypt (Ghost Roaster, Location Interaction Figure, Time Twister and Healing Elixir magic item)
  • Empire of Ice (Slam Bam, Location Interaction Figure,  Anvil Rain and Sky-Iron Shield Magic Item)
  • Dragon's Peak (Sunburn, Location Interaction Figure, Sparx the Dragonfly and Winged Boots Magic Item)


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