Let's Face it...
The Skylanders Fandom is dead, there's less people who are active and not popluar at all. Also the Mobile game isn't going to save the franchise let's admit it, the Spyro fandom has won.
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It's like I said: Reignited Trilogy would bury us under.
I knew this was gonna happen...

The only way this can possibly be revived is if a new game is suddenly announced... which is unlikely at this point in time.
At least Ring of Heroes will give us SOMETHING to talk about. But that was supposed to be out already!

Still, I've made some good friends here (especially you, Kai's) and I'm likely to hang around.
Only when there's no-one left active other than myself will I give in.
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Does that mean Skylanders is History? Sad
Not the franchise.
At least without any official notice from Activision.

The fandom is what is dead, though...
We were fighting an uphill battle, anyway. The retro Spyro fanbase is SO demanding that we were never going to reach a common ground.
As soon as the series went on hiatus and announced and the Reignited Trilogy was announced... well, everyone just kind of disappeared.
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I do agree that the Fandom is rather stagnant, but that's because the franchise is literally on hiatus right now. I'm actually glad they are taking a break (even if it's indefinite). The franchise needed it. I think it's a good thing. But don't be sad! All games have their highs and lows. We just have to see if Skylanders makes is out in the near future. I'm nearly 100% sure it'll come back in some form eventually (even if it like 10 years down the road).
You mean like a Reboot?
The series needs to abandon the Portal of Power to stay relevant... something it SHOULD have done after Superchargers!
The game seemed almost like the perfect conclusion to the whole Portal of Power saga... and then Imaginators was released and ruined everything.

Maybe if they made a game inspired by the show... that could work.
(Especially since the show seems to be a lot more popular than the main series right now.)
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